A Modern Sailing Adventure

“Matt Younger, the hero of Every Boat Turns South, is a guilt-ridden delivery boat captain whose haunted past leads him to desperate moves and to an island woman whom he believes will save or destroy him. Not since Hemingway has an American writer transformed a story of lawless Caribbean violence into a redemption song with such passion and style.”   back to top Bill Tremblay, author of The June Rise

"The wind is up and you'd better keep your eye on the women! Jay White brings the cunning of a pirate and the heart of a poet to this tale of living hard and dying well, of terror in the trade winds and seduction in the islands, a man gone missing with a hole in his soul, and the epic tale of his return to the father who needs to hear all the stories before he can go. White writes like a fallen angel, each beat and image chosen for its music and its depth charge. The story races along like a sloop on a close haul, and its wild dreams and disappointments stick to your soul like truth. This book makes me remember why I love novels: all the cards are on the table; all bets are off, and that's just the first chapter."   back to top
—Patricia Weaver Francisco, author of Telling: A Memoir of Rape and Recovery

"A wonderfully absorbing tale of loss and redemption, told by a prodigal son returning to set the record straight with his family. For lovers of the sea and adventure, this novel will be a feast of delights, reminiscent of Joseph Conrad in its grasp of human character forced to jury-rig a moral compass amidst the drama of failed expectations and greed. Most of all, Jay White writes with a poet's wisdom about the human heart and our need for justice, and if that fails us, as it often does, our more compelling need for love. This fast-paced story launches a major fiction talent who writes with breathtaking lyricism and knife point insight about the voyage we take to strip away masks and disguises, to expose and confront our drives and fears—bringing us face to face with ourselves."   back to top
—Jonis Agee, author of The River Wife