Every Boat Turns South


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All Good Water
The Sleeper at the Party
The Salt Hour
The Pomegranate Tree Speaks From the Director's Garden
In Persuit of Wings

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Commentary on the poetry
of J.P. White

He knows the names of things, writes in a vivid and various language, and recalls for us a time when "there was no separation between sadness and euphoria."   back to top Harvard Book Review

"White's poems are a tour de force of visionary language, a writing whose sadness and joy brings us closer to understanding our need to search for daily truths through poetry.   back to top Bloomsbury Review

"They (the poems) have a air of fable, of magic that allows them gracefully to illuminate life's darker side.   back to top Library Journal

This young poet has the keen eye and nimble tread of his totem.   back to top Partisan Review

Unlike many poets today, he strives for and achieves both eloquence and intelligence; his language isn't afraid to soar, to push the reader, to move us with the beauty of words.   back to top Another Chicago Magazine

Practically every poem attracts with the tenseness of its lines and the sparks flying as one unexpected image knocks against another.   back to top Choice